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Welcome to our Toddler Program


Our toddler classrooms are busy, happy places where children can learn, explore, sing and dance.  Our program for toddlers was designed to encourage each child's growing need for independence and to foster the development of their self-esteem in a safe, supportive manner. 


Our Teachers


Teachers create opportunities for exploration to help children build a foundation of literacy, math and science skills.  Through hands on activities, teachers encourage discoveries in the developmental areas of social and emotional, language ( including sign language), small and large motor, sensory and cognitive development.


Our Curriculum


Our teachers use Highreach learning curriculum for toddlers, to create monthly themes from our weekly lessons and literacy plans to provide developmentally appropriate and engaging activities for toddlers.  The lessons include a focus on colors, shapes, sign language, self-help skills and character building skills.


Our Classroom


Careful consideration is given to classroom arrangement and to the selection of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to encourage learning at each stage of toddler development.  Our carefully designed toddler classrooms offer pretend play, crafts, blocks and building, exploration, exercise and hands on activities, as well as storytime and puzzles.


Communication with parents


Every day you will receive an updated communication through our Himama app.  As well as an email of your childs activities, schedule and development. 



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