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For many parents, choosing child care is one of the most important decisions they will ever make during their child's early years.  It can be an agonizing process, riddled with questions and feelings that are often hard to decipher.

At Little Guppies Childcare, we understand how difficult this decision can be - but we also know how rewarding the right child care choice can be for both parent and child. 


Everything we do at Little Guppies Childcare is designed with children in mind.  From our individualized and nurturing infant program to our caring and stimulating toddler and preschool curriculum.   We also offer programs for our school aged children.


Little Guppies Childcare is all about meeting the individual needs of your child. 



Letter From Ms. Amy

Owner/ Director

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I have always dreamed of opening a quality child care center.  A center that children feel safe and free to express themselves and learn.  Luckily my dream has actually come true.  Here at Little Guppies we treat each child as an individual and we give them the individual care that all children need and deserve.


Throughout the school year we have so much fun.  We have activities everyday.  These activities are geared around our theme of the month.  One month we could be digging for dinosaur bones and the next we could be going on a treasure hunt in the rainforest.  While we do these activities we are teaching the children the fundamentals they will need to flourish once they begin Kindergarten.  They are learning through play!


As a teacher and director going to school everyday is as much fun for me as it is for the kids.  Everyday I watch the children learn and grow.  There truly is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of our little ones go off to kindergarten prepared and ready for "big kid" school.  I cry every year at the bus stop as they go.  They are tears of joy because I was lucky enough to be a part of that child's world.

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