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Welcome to our infant program


Our commitment to early learning and education begins in our infant program with the partnership between our teachers and parents. 


Our Teachers


Together, you and your child's teachers develop a daily schedule that meets the individual needs of your child.  This important, trusting relationship continues as your infant grows and his or her developmental needs change.  Our loving teachers respond with kind words, warm smiles and gentle touches to assure your child receives optimum care, attention and opportunities for development. 


Our Curriculum


Teachers use the Bright Baby curriculum to use along with monthly themes to create individualized lesson plans to provide appropriate and engaging activities for your child.  


Our Classrooms


We understand that very young children require an environment that is responsive to individual needs.  In the infant classrooms teachers will sing songs, read stories, use sign language, cuddle and play with your infant.  This 'play time' is scheduled every day to help children learn and grow physically.


Communication with parents


Everyday you will receive information through the himama app which allows our teachers to chart your child's day and send messages and photos to you via email.  You will receive updates about your child's feedings, diaper changes, and sleeping times.

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