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Welcome to our Preschool Program


Our Kindergarten readiness curriculum uses an outcomes based, learning experiences approach to support children's development of essential school readiness skills.  This comprehensive approach prepares children to enter kindergarten with the language, early literacy, mathematics, social and emotional, physical and cognitive skills necessary for success. 


Our Teachers


Teachers create opportunities for exploration to help children build a foundation of literacy, math and science skills through hands on activities.  Teachers encourage discoveries in the developmental areas of social and emotional language ( including a hand writing curriculum) small and large motor, sensory and cognitivie development.


Our Curriculum


Our curriculum balances teacher-directed instruction with child inititated explorations and projects to enhance learning opportunities.  Teachers use monthly themes to create lesson plans to provide activities to help children become problem solvers and lifelong learners.  The lessons include a focus on colors, shapes, numbers, letters, self help skills and character building skills.





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