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 "I have two girls who have been attending Little Guppies Daycare since October 2012.  Both my daughters LOVE attending the daycare.  My youngest daughter attended as a preschooler and excelled!  She was totally prepared to attend kindergarten this year and has been performing at grade level or above!   Little Guppies Daycare has an excellent program for the summer and not one time were my children bored and they looked forward to attending each day!  I am so happy that I was referred to the daycare.  It has been the best experience for me as a mother, knowing that my children are cared for as I would care for them.  Finding the right daycare is stressful for parents; however, you’ll have no worries leaving your children in their care, EVER.  The staff goes above and beyond to make each day a great experience for the children.  I wish I knew about them sooner. "
                                                                                            Jamie | Little Guppies Mom
"Little Guppies has been meeting and exceeding our daycare needs since it opened over 3 years ago. The staff is amazing and their toddler and preschool programs are both top notch (the amount of learning is insane!). The staff are very attentive, caring, and work wonderfully with the kids. We have had absolutely zero issues and could not be happier with our choice. Both of my boys LOVE going there which makes it much easier to be a working mom. I know they are in good hands all day and I get cute pictures and updates sent to me through their HiMama program. My children are both very outgoing, follow directions well, and have made many friends while attending. I am shocked daily at the things they have learned (they are 3 and 2). I know they will be well prepared when they go to kindergarten. If you are looking for a daycare provider, look no further :)"
                                                                                             Courtney | Little Guppies Mom

My husband and I have a son, who is seven years old, and a daughter, who is four years old who attend Little Guppies.


My family found Little Guppies by word of mouth during the Summer of 2014. I had mentioned

to another Mom at my son’s soccer game that I was looking for a better day care than where we were going, and she raved about the daycare, and Ms. Amy.  I brought my daughter to the interview with Amy, since she would be the primary child attending the preschool program.  My daughter immediately fit right into the classroom and was interested in all the toys and activities. That made me feel good.


After our visit, I asked my daughter what she liked about Little Guppies, and she told me “the teacher” acted like me and she wanted a Mommy to talk to at school. I also liked that Little Guppies follows the same “warning” system as the elementary school. This warning system uses color cards to let the children know when they are not behaving at expectations. My son uses the same in first grade, so it will be an easy transition from preschool to kindergarten for our ddaughter this fall.


Little Guppies provides a high level of communication to parents. I do not feel, at any time, that I do not know what is going on. The HiMama app used is awesome! I rely heavily on this app totell me when someone else has picked up my children. Monthly newsletters are provided letting us know what is planned for the month with the preschoolers, and if there are plans for going outside so we can dress the children appropriately. I did not have this level of communication at my last daycare.


Over the last month, I have encouraged two families to contact LIttle Guppies for their future child care needs. I am excited to see what the future brings to Little Guppies.


                                                                                                                Jennifer | Little Guppies Mom



Little Guppies Childcare has been taking care of my child since she was 3 months old (she is now over a year). Since day one, I have felt so comfortable with her there while my husband and I are at work. The teachers are caring, attentive, and engaging individuals and make learning fun every day. The director is phenomenal and works hard to make sure every child gets the best care and education while in a clean, safe environment. We are very happy with Little Guppies and would recommend to anyone looking for a childcare solution!


                                                                                                                                                  Katrina  |  Little Guppies Mom



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